The Daily Rind Label Spotlight: KALAN Music

The Daily Rind Label Spotlight: KALAN Music


September 26th, 2015


Among its many interpretations, music can inspire enjoyment and relief, or present a gigantic universe to be explored and discovered. Hasan Saltık, founder of the stand-out Turkish label, KALAN, is more of the discoverer kind and with that, has built what many would count among the pioneering Turkish labels.

An established figure worldwide, Hasan Saltık has been awarded the Prince Claus Award and selected as one of Time Magazine’s “European Heroes.” When he decided to highlight the forgotten pieces of Turkish Folk music in 1991, KALAN Music was born. In its first years, KALAN attracted a remarkable amount of interest from various music authorities by re-mastering the good-old original gramophone records of authentic Turkish music. Doing so made KALAN the first Turkish label to highlight this concern of preserving local music in Turkey. Throughout almost a quarter of a century, KALAN has maintained this objective and continued bringing old records to modern-days.

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