Divanhana & Suzan Kardeş  Releases Their New Studio Album: Kardeş

Divanhana & Suzan Kardeş Releases Their New Studio Album: Kardeş


September 1st, 2018


After the very successful “Zukva” album, published in the end of 2015, and a two-year long regional and European tour, which included more than 120 concerts, B&H’s sevdah band Divanhana releases their new studio album, symbolically named “Kardeş”.

Despite their overloaded concert schedule, this popular band, together with their guest, the popular Turkish actress and singer, Suzan Kardeş, managed to finish their fourth music album. It had been recorded during the February of 2017, at the SMS studio, Music production of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later was produced at Long play studio in Sarajevo, by the band’s long time associate, Borijan Milošević.

Album “Kardeş” is consisted of ten songs, and it brings a completely new sound of Divanhana, intertwined with oriental tones of Turkish clarinetist Yunus Emre Elleka, virtuous guitar sounds of two guitarists from Tuzla, Sanel Redžć and Emir Hot, as well as the energetic sounds of Macedonian trumpeters led by the conductor Džambo Agušev.

“Kafu mi draga ispeci” is the first single which announced the album, followed by “Anterija”, “Findikli Bizim Yolumuz”, “Fikrimin Ince Gulu“ or “Anadolka”, exactly the songs that originate from B&H’s and Turkish music tradition, that have travelled and communicated for centuries, kissed and hugged, created new love, happiness and sadness, spreading the musical brotherhood and sisterhood.

Without any pretensions to determine, what is the spring and what is the mouth, what flows in, and what makes the river bigger, Suzan and Divanhana let themselves go with a musical flow as brothers and sisters, as “kardeş” to blow us away with pure river of sevdah.

“Everything had begun at the “Balkan Trafik Festival” in Brussels, in April of 2015, and our journey had continued in Istanbul a year later, and took a stop in Sarajevo. From the very first meeting with Divanhana band, I was overwhelmed with happiness. To be able to meet people with such pure souls, full of joy, and finally to call them my friends, was an amazing experience. Up to now I have reached so many goals in my life, and a call to work with these young, talented people and flowing in another world of creativity with them, was another dream come true.

On our journey, we have built bridges between us, and we believe that this album will be a good reason for peace in the world, as well as new friendships and new love. During the recording of all of these beautiful songs, that you will have the opportunity to listen to, we have been one big, happy family, and we hope that by listening, you will feel the same emotion”, said Suzan Kardeş

For Turkey region, album “Kardeş” is published by Kalan Muzik.

To all of their respectful followers, Divanhana and Suzan presents their short audio sampler of above mentioned musical mosaic, with which they will soon start their concert promotion, announced for April,14th in Sarajevo, April 15th in Tuzla and April 16th in Zenica .

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