Murat Aydemir Trio / Masal

Murat Aydemir Trio / Masal


September 1st, 2018


Murat Aydemir presents tanbur as Istanbul instrument with enriching different tones and melodies in this album which is continuation of Murat Aydemir Trio.

He had composed Masal/ Fairytale instrumental piece in 2013 for this album and finished in 4 years.

The second version of the song starts with his daughter’s singing at the age of two.

Artist presents his own compositions with his unique flavor and tone that makes the audience feel the music of
Murat Aydemir In this album.

Murat Aydemir features Rony Iwryn (percussion) Mahyar Shadorvan (vocal) Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma (lyra) Cengiz Özkan (vocal)
Barcode : 8691834011793

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