September 1st, 2018


Tarab is the album of the continuity between tradition and contemporaneity. The musical instruments of Ney, Tanbur, Kemençe and Bendir, perceived by a certain section of Turkey in association with folklore or orientalism, by a further section as part of national heritage, or, in line with the fad of sufism in recent years, as religious instruments, actually occupy a place beyond all such prejudices, and thanks to the mastery of the musicians who perform on this album have reached beyond the borders of Turkey, and are enjoyed by broader audiences and also performed by a broader circle of musicians.

Since the 1970s, with albums he has published and concerts he has presented almost everywhere across the world Kudsi Erguner has brought a universal dimension to classical Divân and tasavvuf music, proving that a modern, or contemporary stance in music is not restricted to being Western.

Derya Türkan and Murat Aydemir, who joined the Erguner ensemble after the 1990s, came into deserved renown in a short time, and with their concerts, albums and students they have trained, transformed the Tanbur and Kemençe into musical instruments that belong to the world.

Zohar Fresco, a descendant of Tanburi İsak Fresco, the tanbur teacher of Sultan Selim III, has developed a unique technique for the bendir to become an indispensable percussion master especially in world music projects.

The works on this album constitute, with the joy the artists experienced during their performance, a journey to the present; and their joint improvisations Kök, Tiryâkî, Taht, Hayâl and Esrâr constitute a journey into the depths of maqam music.

Kudsi Erguner

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