The first solo album: Üryan

The first solo album: Üryan


September 1st, 2018


The first solo album “Üryan” is the product of Deniz Türkan’s long-running works and meets listeners with the Kalan music label.
The album with interpretation of the works of poets and lovers like Pir Sultan Abdal, Şah Hatayi, Fuzuli, Karacaoğlan, Dertli, Nesimi Çimen, Hacı Bayrak, Rehberi, Fezai, Kul Hüseyin; the Baglama family shares different tuning schemes, playing musical instruments with and without pena, percussion, duduk, cello and clarinet passing through both traditional and present day arrangements.
Deniz Türkan was educated at İstanbul Technical University, State Conservatory and has performed in many concerts and festivals. with number of artists and music groups in Turkey and abroad. He has also contributions in many albums by playing Baglama vocals arrangements, given lectures and singing lessons for many years at Arif Sağ Music School.
“Both voice and instruments of Deniz Türkan exhibit explicitness and purity. This is part of a magical tradition on one hand and belongs to present times on the other hand. It lies both in the past and present. Both limpid, clear and wailing but always pure Üryan…
His voice and music has an immediate journey through closing eyes that each listener wants to hear. On different occasions his voice presents pure Üryan… feelings of a time moving exodus through grief, joy and revolt.” (Kemal Varol)

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