Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ; Usulca

Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ; Usulca


September 1st, 2018


“My first record “Mosaic” was a kind of adventure for both, me and my husband. We started to make music without knowing where it might lead us. We thought it would be great to raise all these old and traditional songs to a new, modern level, which might be also interesting for a younger generation. And I guess, quite a lot of people were surprised to hear them in a completely different way. The response was overwhelming and encouraging as well. So we decided to move on and evolve in a natural, evolutionary way. This time we wrote four new songs for the album and we invited some friends to join us.”

And so they did. For over a year Zeynep and her husband producer Murat were working on this new record. They invited other musicians like Ozbi, Ahmet Aslan and Umut Altıncağ. The result is a 12-song-journey into a modern and traditional world of Turkish songs.

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