Our Planted Saplings Are Growing Again

Our Planted Saplings Are Growing Again


September 8th, 2018


Last February 2005, I communed with you about my work, “Hasbıhâl”. After nine years, I am happy to present my new work “Hafizisar” in 2014. I will continue to share with you, my works as doing as much one can in their time frame and the ores of our great poets who have inherited to us…
Human beings try to unveil themselves by synthesizing the positive and negative things they have formed throughout life, what they have inherited from their families and through education. In fact, this effort is to unveil or to understand what is existing in its own right.

In the Alawi-Bektashi-Kizilbash belief, which is an ongoing through human existence and as deep as the Ocean, a peculiar, human-centered belief and worship understanding; Considering all seventy-two nationalities as one without discrimination of race, language, religion, color, sect, and gender; is also a prerequisite to being a human in the real sense as much as our path’s essential.

When a human does not alienate another human, stands beside the truth and against the wrong, there will be no injustice over time, and everything will evolve from God to God.

If all different thoughts, beliefs, and worship concepts are perceived as a wealth; the culture of fraternal coexistence is acknowledged and passed on to life; if the wise sayings of the supreme human beings and the words of the great poets find a part in our lives; when our place of habitation, planet earth is regarded as a common ownership, that will be the day when everyone has received a recompense for one’s work and when a world order in which the righteous lifestyle based on sustenance lives will surely be established.

With love.

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