Ethnic Band, by releasing their mesmerizing record

Ethnic Band, by releasing their mesmerizing record


November 3rd, 2018


Ethnic Band, by releasing their mesmerizing record “RAZ are publishing their secrets. Communication with fondness”
On the stage they face the audience with a great variety of music. Their repertoire exemplifies the diversity of cultures throughout the world.
With their album R Z, “They have already found their place on the racks. They have done this by touching the hearts of all the people who listen to their multicultural recordings.”
To this day, they refer to various cultures through their own personal and genuine collaborations within their compositions. The authenticity of their album lies on the fact that it has been entirely written by their own musicians.
The masters of these instruments joined the group through their own personal taste of art and musical perceptions.

Mustafa altun (qopuz, tenbûr, vocal) Mehmet gençler (guitar and fretless guitar)
İlker yalgin (woodwinds, section)
Delil öncü (tambour, santour, vocal)
Hakan Gürbüz (bass guitar)
Onur özçelik (Electro fretless, guitar and record )
İsmet kızıl (percussion)
Taylan Özgür ölmez (vocal)
Cem gugel (string instruments)
Onur sancak (percussion)
Uğur ozcan (classic kemancha)

“Ethnic Band intends to challenge the norm pop culture presents to the masses by offering alternative compositions such as that from Summani, Yunus Emre and Pir Sultan Abdal. They guide their listeners through a worldy journey where they hope to open their audience into the reconsideration of the norm.”

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