Songs collection of Kemal Başar

Songs collection of Kemal Başar


November 10th, 2018


Songs Kemal Başar, actor and theatre director had been collecting since years have been made an album labeled by Kalan Müzik.

The singer, in his album “Kemal’s Songs – Full Time Love” worked with the musicians Nurkan Renda, Nejat Dimili, Aşkın Çolak, Alen Konakoğlu, Alpay Vural, Onur Güney Kumaş, Melike Çetin, Alp Karlıova and Hazal Akkerman.

Besides his songs “Sen”, “Duydum bir Başkasından”, ”Sevgilime”, “Özledim Seni”, Sen ve Ben”, “Kapılar”, “Gibi”, “Tam Zamanlı Aşk”, Kemal Başar also gave place in his album the songs “Özel bir Gün” and “Bir İçten Gülüş” of Arif İşgüzar and İsmail Sonat, respectfully. All of the songs have been sung for the first time.

Emphasizing that he dedicates this work of himself to love he says, “Without love life has no meaning. Then, of course, there is death. Body may die but one who can leave behind a lasting work will not die so easily. Kalan (Remaining)… I hope”.

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