Eda And – Augmented Life

Eda And – Augmented Life


December 13th, 2018


Eda And, 29-year-old female composer, arranger and pianist from Izmir, who has been living in Hamburg, Germany for the last decade, is making her debut with her first jazz album, composed & arranged of all-original pieces. “Augmented Life”, the first album project of Eda And, gathers the pioneer and unique artists of the Istanbul and global jazz scene, such as Sibel Köse, Volkan Öktem, Volkan Hürsever, Serdar Barçın, Yahya Dai, Engin Recepoğulları and Türkar Çolak. This album attempts to blend the oriental melodies an syncopated rhythm of Turkish music with the jazz harmony and classical modern music; and the re-birth of these seemingly independent styles of music within each other. The authentic syncopated rhythm and the different orchestration techniques, grooves and eastern-western fusions open up a brand new improvisation vision for saxophone, flute, drums, piano and contrabass in jazz. This album contains compositions allowing each master within the team to polish their instrument. Some of the pieces are also accompanied by the volume of Izmir Jazz Strings, the classical string quartet.
Eda will redefine the genres of jazz, funk, fusion, world and classical; and present you with a brand new style.

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