Zeynep Asya – Tut Elimden

Zeynep Asya – Tut Elimden


December 13th, 2018


We would like to announce that Tut Elimden album by Miss Zeynep ASYA placed in music markets and dijital music platforms.

Music is one of the oldest art in the world. The first people before to evolved to talk they laid the foundations of music by imitating sounds in nature such as by hitting stones each other and by blowing pipes.
Form the primitive man to modern man, the music contained different evolutionary processes in each diffrent geography and updated itself. Furhermore it maintains to be in the history of humanity, heart and tounge.

Music is the phenomenon in the every stage of life which can not be without it.
For some people listening to music, resting with music will be enough but some of us wants to play, create and perform music, in this context Miss Zeynep ASYA who has a heart for music also she has her unique style and sound continues her musical journey with quidance of Mr. Ali Ekber KAYIŞ.
The music instruments such as cello, viola, flute and western instruments accompany her lyrical and full sound.
Nine pieces work of art songs compose entirely of compositions. This album compasitions made by Deniz Taylan TOPRAK, Arsen EVEREKLİYAN, Dünyasıgüzel ERGÜN, ÜMMÜŞEN, Dünya AYDIN, Melis AKTAŞ, Tuğba KAKIŞIM.

Miss Zeynep ASYA was taken note, solfege, singing, binding, flute, training by music acedemies in the past and she keeps to learn and develop herself in her musical carear.

Miss Zeynep ASYA’s 2nd. Solo album named Tut Elimden is realised by the label of Kalan Music. The valuable and gifted musicians Ali Ekber KAYIŞ, Burcu Yankın ALKIŞ, Serhat DEMİRTAŞ, İsmail SOYBERK, Rustam Jon MAKHMUDOF, Muhittin DARICI, Onur GÜGERCİNOĞLU, Erdi ARSLAN, Adem TOSUNOĞLU, Şaban GÖLGE, Mesut MURT accompany with their instruments to Zeynep ASYA’s Tut Elimden album

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