Berivan Aral’s 4th Album; Çerxde

Berivan Aral’s 4th Album; Çerxde


January 2nd, 2019


Berivan Aral’s 4th Album ‘’Çerxde’’, consisting of 13 songs, will be met up with the musiclovers by Kalan Music Company. In this album,Berivan Aral, who had albums in 1992, 2001 and 2004, performed duets with Grup Abdal and Yılmaz Çelik . By this album, she shares her passion and accumulation of music and her songs the lyrics and the music of which were mostly written and composed by Miss Aral, with her audiences. Berivan Aral, who studied at Strasbourg State.

Conservartory and still works at the same university as a music instructor , not only got up on the stage with Arif SAĞ, Musa Eroğlu, Hasret Gültekin, Yılmaz Çelik, Erdal Erzincan, Yıldız Tilbe, Ahmet Aslan, Şivan Perwer and Moğollar and other musicians and bands but also attended lots of concerts and festivals both in Turkey and in different countries.

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