The first album of Maral Ayvaz, “Like Maral”

The first album of Maral Ayvaz, “Like Maral”


June 14th, 2019


Maral Ayvaz, who started her music career at a very young age by participating in Armenian Church Choir and has had many solo performances during her appearances in several concerts, now presents her first album to the music lovers.

In this album, there are traditional and modern Armenian songs with new original arrangements. The listener can feel the harmonious alignment of the modern and traditional Armenian enstruments and also singer’s beautiful voice and her own interpretation.

The music director of the album is musician, arranger Ari Hergel, who arranged seven songs in the album. The compositor of the song “Vayri Dzaghig” is musician, guitarist and singer Aren Emirze, who lives in Frankfurt. This song has been recorded in Frankfurt.

The noteworthy song of the album is “Anverch Khavar”. The singer has written Armenian lyrics to and performed the song “Picture/Ağladıkça”, which compositor is great musician, master of oud, respected by all Ara Dinkjian.

Maral Ayvaz wishes her work, which she fussed over and cared for, will be heard in every comunity, to everyone, spread like the seeds of a pomegranate.

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