ALAMATRA – Orchestra Karadeniz

ALAMATRA – Orchestra Karadeniz


June 27th, 2019


“ALAMATRA has gathered its crew from Karadeniz’s coastes, highlands and villages. It has weighed anchor and its sailing now with the wind of thousand years. Harbours await us… ”

Karadeniz preserves its all memories for many centuries and its past sprouts as a cultural legacy from its land. This legacy is the biggest treasure!
ALAMATRA – Orchestra Karadeniz carries the old but precious folk songs of Karadeniz to present from past with a modern approach but also respectful to its roots.
“ALAMATRA” means fishing boat in Karadeniz region.This boat and its competent crew will sail to all harbours and deliver the goods of region’s culture to everybody by enriching it. ALAMATRA aspires to be representative of Karadeniz’s music in world music stages with; an orchestra which contains essential instruments of Karadeniz region’s music, such as “Kemençe, Kaval, Tulum, Davul ” and modern music instruments, powerful vocals and a dance group. ALAMATRA aims to build a cultural bridge from region to international area not only with Karadeniz’s regional artists and songs but also featuring with musicians who still living Karadeniz’s culture all over the world…

Founders: Rıza Can Özel, Ufuk Şimşek, Azmi Saral.

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