New album from Ahment Aslan: Aura of Madness

New album from Ahment Aslan: Aura of Madness


October 26th, 2019



The new album of Ahmet Aslan, one of the most important representatives of Traditional music, accepted by the world music authorities, was released by Kalan Music. Dornağê Budelay (Aura of Madness) which has been preparing for four years since its previous album, features 14 songs in Zazaki ( Kirmanckî ) and Turkish.
Ahmet Aslan, who was born in Dersim, has been living in Germany since 1996 and continued his music education in Europe. After graduating from Rotterdam World Music Department, Ahmet Aslan developed his original instrument called DI-TAR during his education. He shared the developments in this instrument with his teachers Paco Pena and Martin Greve. It was brought into the body as a result of long studies with instrument producer / Maker Süleyman Aslan.
Previously, Ahmet Aslan’s three solo albums, Dornağê Budelay (Aura of Madness), are the following:

1- Usenê Mi
Speech-music: Traditional Dersim
Sources: Hawarê Tornê Cêngi, Kadri Karagöz

2- Dornagê Budelay
Lyrics and music: Ahmet Aslan

3- Böyledir Bizim Sevdamız
Lyrics and music: Zülfü Livaneli

4- Hasret
Lyrics and music: Şefik Gürmeriç

5- Dirbetino
Lyrics and music: Cemal Sari

6- Dolanı Dolanı
Word: Love
Music: Feyzullah Çınar

7- Setero
(From live stage performance)
Singing by Mehmet Akbaş
DI-TAR performance by Ahmet Aslan

8- Geldim Şu Alemi
Lyrics and music: Feyzullah Çınar & Aşık Noksani

9- Kaçma Benden
Lyrics and music: İbrahim Erdem

10- Beni Candan Usandırdı
Test: Fuzuli
Music: Traditional

11- Hakikat Şehrinin Dükkanıyım
Lyrics and music: İsmail İpek

12- Fide
Word-music: Traditional
Sources: Hawarê Tornê Cêngi, Kadri Karagöz

13- Sen Varsın Orda
Lyrics and music: Aşık Veysel

14- Biya Xo Viri
Sayed by: Selman Aslan
Word: Garip Şahin, Cüce
Music: Garip Şahin

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