Ceylan Ertem’s new album ‘’I stopped talking to the ignorant’’

Ceylan Ertem’s new album ‘’I stopped talking to the ignorant’’


January 16th, 2020


Ceylan Ertem’s new album is mostly reinterpretations of old folk songs. She is raising the volume on love, brotherhood, beliefs, resistance and passion. Beside reinterpretations of old folk songs, Ertem interprets one Ahmet Kaya, two Fikret Kızılok songs with her special artist friends. Can Güngör and Gökhan Türkmen joins Ceylan Ertem for Fikret Kızılok songs. And we will also hear Yusuf Taşkın and Çoşkun Karademir on this album.

This album is a joint venture between Hasan Saltık (Kalan Müzik) and Bülent Forta (Ada Müzik) featuring Cenk Erdoğan, Can Güngör and Çağrı Sertel.

In Ceylan Ertem’s 7th studio album there are 12 reinterpretations featuring many talented artists. For the album’s cover Ertem poses for Aylin Güngör’s analog camera with the stray dog she feeds on Ertem’s street.

The album launching concerts are going to be in Ceylan’s favourite venue in istanbul, Ses theater.

The concerts will be back to back on 29-30th January with songs from Ceylans previous albums and some special guests. Concert goers can buy the new album from foyer and have it signed by Ceylan Ertem. There won’t be a age restriction for these concerts.

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