A new breath from Taylan Yildiz: Jan u Tham (Language and Taste)

A new breath from Taylan Yildiz: Jan u Tham (Language and Taste)


February 5th, 2020


One of the remarkable voices of Kirmancki Kurdish music, a songwriter and a musician Taylan Yıldız’s album “Jan u Tham” met its audience with the Kalan Music label, now available in all digital and music platforms.

Undoubtedly, music, which is the breath of language, is one of the most important markers that keeps the colorfulness of human history alive, by adding peoples’ beliefs, cultures and life codes to the memory of time. Jan u Tham, in the light of this breath, offers a section from the depth of the ancient Dersim culture.

Taylan Yıldız had received the attention of Kirmancki music listeners with his album “Reche (meaning stain)”, released in 2012 with the label of Kalan Music. Jan u Tham has sprouted from the emotion of bringing the roots of Kirmanc culture, looking at the endless window of a language which is in the struggle for existence. Invites music lovers to a feast.

Jan u Tham, arranged and organised by Öner Gerçek, captures an emotional depth with its soul-stirring connotations and timbre sound.

In the album, where five of the eleven works belong to Taylan Yıldız, there is also a piece belonging to his grandfather Alişan Yıldız, whose musical performance and arrangements were made by Mikail Aslan and Cemil Koçgiri and compiled by him.
Him and his brother Serdar Yildiz’s duo brings a fresh sound to the album, by covering Pir Sultan’s ‘Koyun Meler’ song.
Throughout the making of the album he was accompanied by notable fellow musicians, including Öner Gerçek on baǧlama, cura, lute and guitar, Ertan Tekin on duduk and mey, Onur Nazım Engin on clarinet, Şaban Gölge on violin and viola, Olcay Bozkurt on bass guitar and double bass, Ercüment Orkut on piano and keyboard and Ömer Aslan on percussion. His album has been a journey of hope, excitement and self-discovery.

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