My Voice to The Wind

My Voice to The Wind


February 5th, 2020


Nida Ateş’s third solo album named “Sesim Rüzgara” is now out to meet its listeners with Kalan Müzik’s Label.
The musician who is one of the well-known representatives of Traditional Anatolian Music
accommodates thirteen prominent songs of Anatolian folk music in this album alongside
Aşık İbreti’s poem which is composed by him for which he wrote the music.

Emre Ay, a musician of the young generation has contributed to this album by doing the
arrangements and playing the instruments. Also Volkan Kaplan who is again a musician of the young
generation has done some arranging and played the instrument on certain songs on this album.

This album includes a folk song from the Sivas area sang together wıth Erkan Oğur who also did the
arrangement of it. As well as commiting to Nida Ateş’s repertoire concept, the album consists of
songs from various regions and presents its listeners with some of the lesser known songs.

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