Arda Kayhan’s first solo album: Şarkılarda

Arda Kayhan’s first solo album: Şarkılarda


April 4th, 2020


Why is Turkish music – which has a deep-seated tradition and melodic structure, which is performed in a variety of forms and which is rich in pleasing lyrics – so indispensable to me? What made me love music that much? Is it the time period and the land that I live in, the cultural environment that I belong to, the family that I was raised by, the medical education that I took and most importantly is it my natural traits? Whatever the answer is, may the music be in my life.

Arda, who is actually a qualified medical doctor, has had music in virtually every phase of her life as a companion; and now her music meets the listeners with a breath of fresh air, through the melodies that left profound mark on her mind.

Arda, who compiled multiple works of valuable composers and musicians in her album, aims to provide younger generation with a brand new tune by creating an emotional bridge between past and future. She commemorates the owners of the most popular songs of Turkish classical music, including Neveser Kökdeş, Fehmi Tokay, Avni Anıl, Erol Sayan, Muzaffer İlkar and İrfan Özbakır. The album was meticulously and genuinely arranged by Müslüm Karaduman, a kanun (zither) artist. Also, the songs relatively reached their climax with the spectacular performances of other valuable musicians.

Her first album ‘ŞARKILARDA’, – the album she made to commemorate the creators of our Turkish songs, to archive her musical background and to be remembered in the infinite universe- consists of the songs that she loves to sing most.

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