“Star Dust” we collect on our roof

“Star Dust” we collect on our roof


June 21st, 2020


Ebren Trio’s first recording, performed by Volkan İncüvez (reed), Özgür Gürbüz (qanun) and Fırat Doğan (oud), was released by the label KALAN / Z Music.

The friendships of the trio that started in school years and their experience of playing together formed the nature of Ebren Trio music over time. The trio performed traditional modal music in free forms. In this way, a brand new harmony has evolved among familiar tones. This evolution revealed also the name of the band: In ancient Turkish mythology, it was believed that dragons, the god of time, were making the world spin around. For this reason, the words “evren” or “ebren”, which means “rotating, spinning, evolving”, were used for dragons. According to this legend, everything that exists and is imagined is Ebren, a dragon. Just like the universe, Ebren evolves and transforms. The trio’s music is also transforming and inspired by this state of transformation as well. The melody of the flying dragons, drawing an infinity symbol in the midst of being absent, which has once heard and disappeared, nurtures the spirit of Ebren Trio’s first album.

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