“Windtrace” The wind that blows from the Anatolian steppe to Andalusia.

“Windtrace” The wind that blows from the Anatolian steppe to Andalusia.


October 17th, 2020


A story from Madrid to New York, from Tehran to Cologne, from Gaziantep to Ardahan and Istanbul …

Erdal Akkaya and Jeronimo maya, two musicians who gave concerts in many countries around the world, present the album “windtrace”, a mix of Anatolian and Flamenco music culture.

The album was produced by Hasan Saltik and published by Kalan Music.

Folk songs from Muharrem Ertaş to Neşet Ertaş and Hacı Taşan are mixed on the album

with flamenco arrangements. Erdal Akkaya sings the Turkish songs and plays Baglama on the album, while Jeronimo Maya plays the Flamenco guitar. Miguel Jimenez and Jeronimo Maya sing the Spanish songs.

The album contains traditional Anatolian songs by Neset Ertas and Muharrem Ertas and flamenco songs as well as own compositions by Erdal Akkaya and Jeronimo maya in the

The records of the album were made in Germany, Spain and the Istanbul Kalan Music Studios at different time intervals.

The album “windtrace” was prepared with great dedication and is now available on all digital platforms and music markets.

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