Alaturka Records – Mevlid

Alaturka Records – Mevlid


December 14th, 2020


This album will mark an era with it’s attention to details and musical excellence.

Three special Hâfiz, Bekir Büyükbaş, Hadi Duran and Aziz Hardal get together under the roof of Alaturka Records and the guidance of Uğur Işık as the Art Director for a special musical journey. They sang Mevlîd-î Şerif which was written in 1409 by Süleyman Çelebi in Bursa.

This time Alaturka Records brings music lovers from all around the world together with Mevlîd-i Şerif which has a spiritual place in our entire social events like birth,weddings and funerals for about 600 years. And Uğur Işık does a marvelous job capturing this ancient ritual of our culture in it’s most pure and original form and resonance.

Alaturka Records – Mevlîd is out in all music stores and all digital platforms.

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