Şenol Akdağ – “Bévengiya Astaru”

Şenol Akdağ – “Bévengiya Astaru”


January 23rd, 2021


Şenol Akdağ, who is known for melodies of Dersim, has released his second album “Bévengiya Astaru”.

Şenol Akdağ, leaving twenty years of music life behind and attracting attention with his unique interpretations, released his second album named “Bévengiya Astaru /Yıldızların Sessizliği”, Silence of the Stars, with the label Kalan Music. The album consists of eight pieces and includes beautiful works in Turkish and Zaza language.

Between the years 1996 and 2005, Şenol Akdağ did artistic work in Group Munzur. Later on he released his first album as a result of his individual work.

Akdağ, the beloved name of original and ethnic Kırmanciki music, tells the story of the album as follows; It is the Kırmanciki pronunciation of my thyme-smelling homeland, which I longed for with the autumn rains.

The album consists of eight creations including, Bévengiya Astaru, the composition of Merge, which I compiled and which tells about an incident passing through my patriarchs’ village. Three of the songs are in Turkish. The content also includes works by my artist, musician and poet friends.

On the arrangements of the album, we worked together with dear Ramazan Şirin. I devoted my last one year entirely to this album. However, during this period I have been in captivity for three months, so I had to stay away from my friends and my listeners. Later on with the developing process, finally, my album is together with you and about to circulate from language to language

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