Alafsar Rahimov

Alafsar Rahimov


February 22nd, 2021


Alafsar Rahimov, who was born in Şeki city of Azerbaijan, met Balaban (musical enstrument) he received at the age of 10. Rahimov, who is also the grandson of ƏlƏfsƏr Şekili, also known as the most important zurna master of Azerbaijan, entered the music college in 2005 at the Azerbaijan State Conservatory after the lessons he took from Eyyub Memmedov. Rahimov who participated in concerts and festivals in many countries including America, Germany, China, Serbia, Switzerland, Singapore, Morocco, Norway, France, Netherlands, Poland, Taiwan, Italy, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Malaysia, Georgia and Korea performed at the Montreux Jazz festival with the band he worked with in 2011.

Rahimov, who was deemed worthy of certificate and diploma due to his performance at the Royal World Drums Festival held in Malaysia in 2013, was included in the band of a State Artist and a Rhythm master Natig Shirinov between 2007 and 2015. One of the works he composed was performed  at the Eurovision opening ceremony in Azerbaijan in 2012. His composition, titled “İncilar” (İnciler), was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the opening ceremony of the Islamic Solidarity Games held in Baku in 2017. Alafsar Rahimov, who won an award from the Mugam contest in 2018, has been a soloist in Symphony Orchestras many times.

With the Amarok group he founded in 2011, he exhibited his own approach to music studies using folk, ethnic, jazz and rock genres
Rahimov, who has been continuing his music career in Istanbul since 2019, has successfully represented his country by taking the stage in the 5th International Zurnazen Festival in 2019. Alafsar Rahimov, who adds a new breath to the Balaban instrument and attracts great attention with his innovative interpretation, aims to bring a different perspective to music with his compositions.

Every great love has a story. At the same time, Rahimov says that every love is nourished by making a great efford and turned into a beautiful story. He states that the love between the balaban and him started at the age of ten, and by devoting his time and making an effort the balaban and music.has turned into the biggest passion of his life. The artist, who stated that this journey which started with balaban has turned into a friendship, or an organ that is integrated with his body, so to speak. He also says that music always has a unifying effect on societies, the artist should not be insensitive to the environment and the world in which he lives, so he reflects these feelings to his music and with the message that this album will shout at the world, they will see that people coming from different languages, religions and races are not alien to each other by making music together and he is leaving us with this beautiful works of art.

Thanks ;
I am grateful to everyone who gave me strength and courage in this long journey. I would like to thank Hasan Saltık, who believed in me in the creation of the album and gave all kinds of support, and my precious master teacher Alim Kasımov who is one of the world’s leading mugam performers, and Elnur Hüseynov who is with us with his magnificent voice and energy, and my friend Etibar Asadli who lent his soul to the album with his extraordinary musicianship from the very beginning of the project, and Enver Muhamedi who I think will be the best bass artist of the future with his hard work and determination, and Ekin Cengizkan who takes all of our breath away when he takes the drumstick, and my manager Hilal Beyazıt who was with me with her ideas and energy from the preparation stage of the album to the end, and my family and Elnur Qedirov for whom I always feel their support.

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