An album of “introversion”: Hemdem

An album of “introversion”: Hemdem


October 16th, 2021


Coşkun Karademir, who won many international awards with his projects such as Endless Path, The Secret Ensemble, and Öz and who played an important role in introducing the sounds of Anatolia to the world, now greets music lovers with an album in which he highlights his solo performer identity. In the album “Hemdem”, the traditional structure of Turkish Folk Music expands with modern arrangements, and richness through ancient but everlasting lyrics are presented to the taste of music lovers. Album’s name, Hemdem, is a reference to togetherness, sincerity, and friendship. The content of the album also reflects these values with an intention to enrich the souls and spread sincere feelings to the universe. The music will cheer and enlighten the listener’s heart and give strength to their soul. As the lyrics touch upon the wisdom of the Anatolian legends such as Yunus Emre, Pir Sultan Abdal, Harpûti, Kul Ahmet and Davut Sulari, the kopuz master Coşkun Karademir displays a unique and emotional expression from beginning to the end. The album also features duets with some of the most popular artists in Turkey, such as Buray and Ceylan Ertem.

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