‘Pera Beauty’ documentary in Berlin

‘Pera Beauty’ documentary in Berlin

‘Pera Beauty’ documentary screening at Berlin Maxim Gorki Theater on Friday 18 September 2015 at 19:00

Film ‘Pera Beauty’ produced by Nilufer Saltik

Pera Beauty is a documentary inspired by the story of two women; Laterna and Nilüfer Saltık. Laterna is a coy lady bearing beautiful lady pictures on her ‘balcony’, and Nilufer who bonded with Laterna seamlessly after hearing her voice had devoted herself to take Laterna back to her homeland that once she had to leave forcibly.

This film documents the resurrection and reintroduction of the Laterna, a mechanical barrel piano that was once a common sight in Istanbul. Even though the Laterna was born in Europe, it had its golden age in Istanbul between 1850 and 1950, becoming an indispensable element at the celebrations of the Greek’s city. With the advent of the gramophone and radio, the popularity of this fascinating instrument waned, and as the last craftsmen died, it seemed destined to disappear forever. After half a century, Nilüfer Saltık reaches the Greek piano maker Panos Ioannidis and convices him to build the first new laterna. The name of this new Laterna is “Pera Beauty”.

Through a series of street performances and recordings, the Laterna has now been given a new lease on life.

Director: Soner Sevgili, Producer: Nilüfer Saltık, Writer: Tannur Arat, Music: Cengiz Onural, Editor: Soner Sevgili, Director of photography: Hasan Uslu, Sound: Levent Güneş, Production: Z Müzik

 http://www.gorki.de/ Curator Lobna Allamii